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Shakti Leadership - Unlocking the source of Inner Wisdom

Shakti Leadership

Our course embraces the most urgent and current questions that most interest both women and men.

This course is for those willing to step out of social prejudice into new rhythms of collaboration and insights, moving together rather than against and welcoming intuition and harmony.

You will find lots of activities that both challenge and expand your creativity and your ability to step into the unknown with confidence.

What will you get from the course

This program is for leaders who are intrinsically motivated and powerfully called to lead in order to serve

Welcome to the journey if you are:

  • Ready to do the inner transformation work required to stretch beyond your current limitations
  • Seeking ways to build on your current success to have even greater impact
  • Curious to get knowledge that integrates the best of ancient wisdom and modern leadership practices, across cultures
  • Seeking a program grounded in academic excellence
  • Willing to take the time and energy to understand how to apply in daily life your inner resources, which are available for everyone

Get certified in Shakti leadership with the Founder and Coauthor Nilima Bhat.

This programme is for you if you want to

Achieve self mastery
Find meaning and purpose
Express your authentic voice
Live your life from true presence

Course curriculum

Module 1.

It's time to know Shakti.

 In this video we will talk about purpose of our journey. You will get know about Shakti leadership model and tools and practices of the program. Nilima will tell you about the workbook - an easy and very hands on experience to learn and build your new skills based on new insights and knowledge .

Module 2.

Your Heroic Journey.

In this video you will understand why we should write our personal myth. Think of the diversity. What is the difference between male and female experience of a psycho-spiritual journey. You will try an awareness practice of your personal journey. Take your time to get the maximum out of your experience

Module 3.

Leadership Archetypes on the Journey.

Here we're going to go deeper into understanding the various nuances of relationship with other characters in your personal story.  Don't miss this practice and get to know how you can reclaim your power by shifting into a creative position

Module 4.

Presence, Power & The Shakti Leadership Model.

From this video you will understand from where great leaders draw their energy. The starting point of accessing your true power is Presence. This practice will help you to find win-win solutions in any situation

Module 5.

Becoming Whole.

Wholeness is the capacity to balance, integrate and unite all parts of oneself. To come into our full power we need to become a whole person. This practice will help you to release and reclaim your ‘lost halves’ to become whole again.

Module 6.

Cultivating Flexibility.

Develop your new capacity to switch modes seamlessly and to bend without breaking  Practice of the module will help you to learn about Masculine & Feminine Power Traits and know about your leadership style through a powerful self-assessment.

Module 7.

Achieving Congruence.

This module will unfold the placard of I AM - I CAN - I WILL. That will help you know your story and discover your personal myth. You will practice to write the main chapter of your personal story - Your higher purpose. You will also get a bonus practice if you want to integrate what you learn, into life right now.

Module 8.


Let's have a look at your journey with fresh eyes and find some insights; revisit intention. Get back to where you started and write down your commitment. Start to use your full power to accomplish your great new beginning.

Your sherpa to the new world of leadership

  • Nilima Bhat
  • Is a visionary, speaker, facilitator and coach in the fields of Personal Mastery, Leadership, Gender Equality and Wellbeing.

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Shakti Leadership - Unlocking the source of Inner Wisdom

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